Today Paul, Adam and Ryan went to Stourbridge to setup a CKJ L8 ATC router. When they arrived the machine had to be put in place as it was delivered by a 3rd party. Once the machine was in place the guys got to work levelling the machine out getting the air connected for the tool changes. Extra wire was put on to reach the plugs. Once connected the machine was then turned on and Ryan then began setting up the tools and running the machine up. This took the best part of an hour. Then Ryan installed the v-carve pro software on the 3 computers that are going to be worked on. The next day Ryan went back up and began training. The machine will be used for making signs out of melamine faced mdf. By the end of the day Ryan had Paul from synergy display running the machine. We look forward to seeing what Synergy Display can do with this machine and we wish them all the best for the future